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Noe Zamora
New Maker!
Milwaukee, WI


Noe is originally from Vera Cruz, Mexico and his passion for culture and flavor is immediately noted and deeply rooted. Although he has been with Bel Air for over six years, he brings a new enthusiasm to his craft every day.

With 17 years experience, Noe worked his way up the ranks with The Cheesecake Factory, eventually opening restaurants all over the country. Then he managed kitchens with the Lowlands Group before being offered an ownership stake with Bel Air Cantina, where he has helped open all four locations.

Noe understands that to be successful in a tough business that they need to have a great variety of offerings and they have to be different and better. He points out that their beans and sauces are made fresh everyday the “right” way.

Depending on his mood, some of his favorites on the menu are the mango tilapia or broccoli and artichoke tacos, the mini tuna tostadas, the Korean beef and, of course, their delicious black beans.

In light of the fantastic atmosphere created in each Bel Air location and the acclaimed variety on the menu, Noe Zamora inspires the culture and community that makes visiting their restaurants a true experience.