Dry January - Not just a month, but a vibe

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


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Sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails are not a misnomer! We swear! Join along with award winning bartenders Christopher Longoria (Che Fico, SF) and Uzziel Pulido as they help you through the last leg of your dry January. Uzziel and Christopher will talk you through two different non-alc recipes, one Spritz and one Tiki-Inspired refresher. We will be using Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Italian Orange Spirit (think the sophistication of Campari without the booze) and Liquid Alchemist Orgeat and Strawberry (both delicious, versatile and natural syrups that are great in all kinds of beverages). We are partnering with Bitters and Bottles to provide you with a cocktail kit that can be purchased in advance of this class here**: Not only will you get the aforementioned bottles, but you will get a Japanese Style Jigger and a King Cube Ice Tray at no additional charge, to keep your cocktails lookin' pro- dry or no. Please note, the citrus, bitters and club soda are not included in this kit. **you can absolutely participate in this class without purchasing the kit.

Menu detail

Dry Spritz
Lyre's Italian orange: 1 oz Liquid Alchemist strawberry syrup: 0.5 oz Large lemon peel Lemon juice: 1 bar spoon (3 ml) Salt: 1 pinch *Dry stir Add ice Club soda: 2.5 oz Stir twice Garnish: sprig of your favorite aromatic herb (mint, rosemary, thyme,...)
Mai Dry
Lyre's Italian orange: 1.5 oz Lemon juice: 0.5 oz Liquid Alchemist orgeat: 0.25 oz Fee Brothers cardamom bitters: 2 dashes Cayenne pepper (powder): 1 pinch Salt: 1 pinch add ice, shake Strain into preferred glass Add fresh ice Garnish: 1/2 lemon wheel


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