Los Angeles, CA


What started out of a long time passion for food and cooking quickly became a career for NudeDudeFood. Based out of Chicago Illinois, within the first year of business we've cooked in over eight different states and internationally for clients, occasionally with a few less articles of clothing on than the norm. Ingredient focused, farm to table beautiful preparations are the core structure of our food, and we love providing clients with a unique, fun, and personalized dining experience.

Born and raised in Central Illinois, Seth has now been living in the Chicagoland area for thirteen years. Playing all over the country as a professional singer and musician, on his down time he's been honing his cooking skills in his home kitchen for the last fifteen years. An expert in both hospitality and entertainment, he knows his guests come first and always provides an unforgettable food experience.

Ryan moved to the Windy City from Central Illinois in 2003 to pursue a Master's Degree in Social Work. In addition to graduate school, Ryan was entranced by Chicago's culture and food scene, inspiring him to further develop his skills in the kitchen. While continuing to dedicate his professional career to helping serve those in need, it translates excellently into the dining experience he provides. His attention to detail and passion for others is evident in the entire dining experience. From forming immediate connections with his guests, to planning and plating thoughtful meals, the entire dining experience is elevated.