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San Francisco, CA


Born into a family with relatively modest income in a country behind the steel curtain in a town in the eastern part of Ukraine, the odds were stacked against me from day one. But I was rebellious. I was stubborn. I was determined. I always wanted better.

My mother was a great cook. I learned a lot from her. She left me at early age, having surrendered to cancer. That made me so sad, but it also created inside me a burning desire to learn what makes the human body really tick.

So here I am, living and working in San Francisco, my 3rd (so far) new home away from home, and I am burning with desire to share my knowledge and talents with the world. To show everyone how so much healthier they can become.

Which led me to start this website: VitalRaw. To show great looking dishes and to share my excitement with everyone. To show how so radically you can change your own health and body, just by eating right.

And eating right does not have to taste bad, as many seem to think. Eating healthy can also be a great pleasure: just look at the pictures of the great dishes I have prepared. Everyone who tasted them loved them and could not stop the praise about them.

I specialize in vegan/vegetarian/raw vegan cuisine, juicing, and super foods. I will discuss wellness and heath goals with you and, we will work towards their accomplishment together. I am also a fitness aficionado and can recommend fitness routine and activities to compliment healthy eating.

I offer services of:
1) Personal chef
2) Menu planning and recipes development
3) Meal delivery and pick up
4) Nutrition/cooking classes and workshops
5) Assistance with healthy grocery shopping