San Francisco, CA


Hola! We are Om Sabor and we’re all about cosmic positive vibrations and transcendental flavors! My name is Dhanistha Rivera and my partner Luis Flores and I are chefs in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

Previously popping up as The Vegetarian Blog at music, beer, and tequila festivals we created Om Sabor and have both joined our passion for cooking unique experiences with plant based cuisine.

We're excited about our festival feedback and want to take this adventure to a new level by sharing our food in a communal table with a plated setting, beautiful people, laughs and happy conversations!

Luis as a former Sous Chef at Cafe Central in El Paso, TX, moved to San Francisco and became the Latin Chef at Dropbox's Tuckshop. We met at Dropbox later on, as I joined the kitchen as a vegan chef and knew we would make a great team to fusion our talents.
Luis recently quitting his job and i from Greens Restaurant, we are dedicated now to fully doing these pop ups once a week.

Our food ranges from traditional and fusion Mexican, Indian, & Asian cuisine. We can't wait to surprise you with our cosmic plant based flavors and share our food stories with you!

Chef Luis and Dhani

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