Michoacán Pozole & Tamales Class

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco


Large (15-20 Guests)
vegetarian, mexican, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
This cooking class is based on the "Posada" Latin Holiday food as a Mexican you traditionally eat through the holiday season. It'll be a hands on class with plenty of food to grub on and take home! Growing up vegetarian I'm really excited to share these traditional recipes that my mother veganized them for us to enjoy them like everyone else did around us. There's a lotta love and fond memories going to this Vegan cooking class and I hope to share and enjoy it with you! Namaste, Dhanistha

Menu detail

Flautas de Papa y Zanahoria
My Mother is from Michoacán, a southern state in Mexico, where they love their potatoes and carrots, they commonly put it on enchiladas and flautas. Which always made it awesome growing up because it was our choice of food for eating street food. I was 12 when moved to Michoacán with my family and I went to school there until i was 18. Flautas are stuffed goodies wrapped in a corn tortilla and then fried to a delicious crunchiness, they make great appetizers and finger foods to impress your guests, while really easy to make!
Guajillo Hominy Pozole
Small Plate
This is a Mexican Stew that my mother used to make for us on chilly days, special occasions and Christmas holidays. The soup is cooked with chilies and hominy topped with garnishes such as cabbage, onions, radishes, cilantro, and avocado. Being that I grew up vegetarian this stew is actually my mom's original vegan recipe flavoring it with dried Mexican chilies, Oregano, Garlic & Onions and a whole Lotta Love!!!
Tamal de Rajas
Small Plate
Oh the "Rajas" Tamales! Traditionally the Tamales with Rajas are some sort of green chile like poblano, & jalapeno, that is usually roasted, cooked, or pickled and are stuffed inside a corn "masa" dough that is wrapped in either corn husks or corn leaves and then steamed. The Rajas tamales are a lot of fun because you can add different kinds of vegetables or "cheese" to create a more flavorful tamale. Tamales are like little Christmas presents on a plate because you get to unwrapped them from their husks for a delicious warm surprise!
Madre Salsa, Guarniciones, Cashew Ume Crema
Small Plate
This was my first salsa my mother taught me, and it's a unique combination of something like a fresh chopped Pico de Gallo and a cooked dried red chiles Salsa Roja, that will go great on our tamales! Guarniciones are the side veggies that we will make for our toppings such as cabbage, sliced radishes, diced onion, chopped cilantro etc. We'll also make a cashew cream because as a Mexican we love putting that stuff on every dish!
Posada Ponche de Frutas
Ponche is our seasonal fruit punch tea that warms our hearts in company of our friends and family. This hot beverage consists of cinnamon, clove, apples, guayaba, tamarind, raisins, and Mexican Piloncillo (unrefined brown sugar). It's a drink to share with beloved and dear ones and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Michoacán Pozole & Tamales Class

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco
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