Arepa Revolution: 6 courses

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
mexican, colombian
Vegan, Vegetarian
This menu is inspired by my Venezuelan Quintero family from Caracas that I grew up with in California. I consider myself very fortunate to have learned about their flavors and culture. Unfortunately Venezuela is going through a very difficult economical political situation and I want to contribute to the community by providing flavors bringing back loving memories and dedicate this menu for all the Venezuelans that are out here in the Bay Area. Mi Chiki, Vrinda Saki los amo!!! ***This menu is all Gluten & Dairy Free!

Menu detail

Tizana | Fruit Punch
Mango, Papaya, Orange, Apples, Grapes, Grenadine
Yucca Fries
Crispy Yucca, Avocado Guasacaca Sauce
Patacones with Almond Cashew Crema
Fried green plantain chips
Freshly Made Arepas
Seared Venezuelan Corn Cake cut in the middle to stuff with each of the following proteins
Reina Pepiada
Small Plate
Arepa with Avocado Tofu Salad, Cilantro, Lime, Red Onion, Garlic Aioli
Domino con Vegetales
Small Plate
Arepa with Roasted Portobellos, Corn, Onions, Tomato and Cashew, Mozzarella and Cumin Black Beans
Ron Diplomatico Intermission Shot
Venezuelan Rum
Pabellón Criollo with Plantain Skins
Small Plate
Arepa with sauteed Plantain Skins, Bell peppers, Butcher's Son Mozzarella, Rice, Black Beans, and Platanos
Dulce de Lechoza con Arroz Dulce
Candied Papaya with Coconut Sweet Rice Pudding


Wine by Glass

Arepa Revolution: 6 courses

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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