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New York, NY


Chef Omar Tate has spent the last ten years in the restaurant industry working in some of the best restaurants in New York City and Philadelphia including A Voce, Fork, Meadowsweet, Runner and Stone ,and Russet. He finds the intersection of science, art, craft, and the physicality of line cooking to be unique and the most alluring aspects of the profession. During his time as a cook he found that the lack of diversity and representation of African Americans and other people of color to be unbalanced both in the kitchen and on the plate. In a profession where the product is a direct representation of cultures from around the globe he would like to bridge the gap of professional cooking and equal representation within his communities. Chef Omar has been exploring his heritage to bring balance and equity to his profession. He has researched and produced dinners dedicated to honoring chefs, writers, and figures in history representative of African American culture to bring attention to the conversation and move the dialogue forward. Using history as his foundation, Chef Omar Tate attempts to pull the food into the twenty first century and produce a body of work that is congruent with the palates and sensibilities of Black America today and share this cuisine with the world. Currently running his popular pop-up series, Honeysuckle.