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Paige Gottheim(41)
Brooklyn, NY, USA


Rather eclectic, highly energetic, decidedly gregarious, easily excitable, moderately analytical, and untiringly curious. I thrive off meeting and befriending diverse people. I am naturally a people-connector, constantly hypothesizing possible human synergies and subsequently introducing friends and acquaintances to each other which invariably results in the formation of informal communities and social circles.

I have a broad range of interests that include, but are by no means limited to, nature in all her forms, improvisation - especially in the preforming arts, systems design, and innovative social justice/individual empowerment strategies. I believe in the power of dialogue to heal rifts, societal and interpersonal. I think creativity, ingenuity, anticipatory planning and plain old hard work can solve many seemingly intractable problems. I become very excited when I observe an elegant system design that simultaneously addresses multiple objectives effectively and efficiently. Although not all that original, I love smiles, sunrises, flowers and colors.