Los Angeles, CA


My culinary adventures began before I could barely reach the counter as a young girl in India. I played sous-chef to my mom, grandmother and the myriad of aunties that filled our home daily with lovingly prepared vegetarian meals for our 15+ “family” that lived together. In our kitchen, I experienced the flavors, scents, and advice of some of the most influential women in my life. My favorite memories are of my mom chopping and dicing vegetables, before long, the oil sputtered in the pan as she threw in a pinch of this and a dash of that to elevate the humble eggplant with incredible flavors.

With the love of Indian flavors, I enrolled in the French Culinary Institute in NY, where I received the formal training I needed to truly unlock my creativity. I never want to stop learning how to cook and after school, I continue to appreciate and experience cooking through my travels. I’ve gone to Mexico and cooked with grandmothers (who really know what they are doing), worked alongside some of the best chefs in France and picked ingredients with farmers in Italy. With every city I visit and every new culture I experience, I taste new flavors, learn new techniques and recipes.

In the end, it still comes back to the flavors of my childhood and that what I love sharing with others.