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Paul FieldsNEW MAKER!

Napa, CA


Paul Fields, Chef/Owner Twenty Below, Napa Valley California

I've been told the love of good food and old fashioned hospitality go back a few generations in my family. Growing up the son of a Steel Worker, I started honing my skills at the young age of 15 in High School through the Bay Area Regional Occupational Program. While life's detours kept me from my dream of becoming a professional Chef my passion for creating delicious cuisine never ended.

Twenty years and 4 career changes later I found myself at a crossroads. This time it would be different. This time I would choose something I loved, something that excited me, something I was passionate about. It took very little thought for me to realize cooking was that something. In 2008 I was able to return to Diablo Valley College this time to be formally trained as a Professional Chef.

I have spent the last 25 years in Napa Valley, where I have developed a deep appreciation for quality food and wine. My resume includes an eight year tour; involved in special events for the Pebble Beach Company including the prestigious Pebble Beach Food and Wine, Silverado Country Club, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco and personal Chef to several local Napa Wineries. I continued honing my culinary skills at Oenotri, recognized as one of the Bay Area's top 100 restaurants by the San Francisco Chronicle, and noted for its outstanding Southern Italian fare. Most recently as Executive Chef at the prestigious Inn on Randolph, I was able to produce some of the freshest and most inspired local cuisine in the Bay Area.

But my real passion is in my newest endeavor called Twenty Below. An intimate mobile pop-up for groups of 20 (or less) set in unique settings throughout Napa Valley featuring deliciously fresh elegant multi-course meals paired with exquisite wine from prestigious small boutique wineries. The limited guest list allows for detailed, focused attention to menu planning and preparation. Along with my wife, and as Chef/Owner I plan to bring my creativity and passion to each dish and each event leaving my guests mesmerized and wanting for more.

I hope you will join us at Twenty Below. On the web at or on Instagram and Facebook @thetwentybelow