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Peja KrsticNEW MAKER!

Dallas, TX, USA


Born and raised in Belgrade Serbia, chef Krstic found love for cooking at an early age helping in the kitchen along side his mother and grandfather. In country which cooking is driven largely by season and what’s available in farmers market he quickly learned the importance of getting the most out of every ingredient and how to preserve it. Krstics mother who was a veterinarian thought him the importance of utilizing whole animals and how to butcher them. In 2005 Peja Krstic moved to Dallas, TX where he would start working in couple of restaurants such as Arcodoro & Pomodoro and Jaspers. From there he goes to take on position as sushi/sous chef at Fuse restaurant, which was praised for its tasty fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisines. In 2012 Krstic opened The Standard Pour and then worked as a corporate chef for La Reve Company overseeing few restaurants such as Sfuzzi, The Standard pour and Villa O. After corporate position for La Reve Company Krstic took an opportunity in a tiny Vietnamese inspired restaurant called Mot Hai Ba in 2015. Since then restaurant has received rave reviews which some of them include 4 stars by Dallas Morning News and best Vietnamese for 2016 & 2017 by D magazine. Restaurant is acknowledged by food magazine Eater 3 years in a row as one of the 38 essential restaurants in Dallas. Krstic focuses immensely on technique and simplicity of few ingredients on a plate. He believes in importance of great ingredient and chefs ability to praise such by applying the proper technique.