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Perry VoScott
San Francisco, CA


Hey Folks

I'm Perry VoScott and I'm the founder of The Certifiable Foodie a blog about the San Francisco Bay Area food scene from farmers, food producers, wine and cheese makers, restaurants, farmers markets and a few recipes thrown in for the aspiring home cook.

I've been a professional cook in restaurants and for catering events from Maine, New York and California. In addition, I've founded a number of food and beverage companies over the years.

I see cooking and food as an art, an expression of my creative soul. I draw my inspiration from travels to exotic destinations as well as local trips to small family farms.

I've been teaching cooking for the past couple of years to students of all ages. My focus is fresh locally grown produce and grains from small family farms. Taking the time to nourish our bodies and souls, as well as sharing this love and sustenance with friends, family and community.

Some of my favorite destinations include Thailand, Singapore, India, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Mexico and Maine.

I cannot survive without Thai Food, it's fresh and multi-dimensional flavors excite the palate. My knives and I are inseparable, I've been known to travel far and wide with my harem of blades. Saffron is a must in any kitchen, it brings that je ne sais quoi to so many dishes. Herbes de Provence is a staple in my kitchen. Rose and Orange Blossom Waters constantly romance my me.

My music tastes range from hip hop to opera and just about everything in between. I'll pass on the head-banging stuff though.

I'm presently churning through Ruth Reichl's wonderful books.

I have a special place in my heart for chick flicks, but I've been known to appreciate a few Action Thrillers. Some of my favorites include 'Today's Special', 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', 'Life of Pi'.