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Ever since I can remember, the kitchen has drawn me in. As a little girl growing up in Peru, a variety of unique and creative ingredients were always available and my curiosity grew year after year. I still have recipes saved in a binder I pulled from magazines when I was 10. My mother's no nonsense approach to life played a large role in developing my organizational skills and still to this day, she teaches me things around the kitchen whenever I am home in Peru.

From carefully selecting the best ingredients to coming up with a delicious and healthy meal, to sitting around the table for 'sobremesa' (time spent with those you just shared a meal with) food brings people together. Many of my early memories happened in the kitchen and/or around food. You can learn a lot about a culture from the food they prepare and their traditions around food.

Over the years my passion for a heathy and balanced lifestyle has inspired me to create traditional Peruvian dishes, in unconventional ways. This has lead me to a lot of vegetarian, pescetarian and vegan options, as well as preparing traditional meals with no dietary restrictions.

Today, I am living in the states with my husband and my passion is sharing my Peruvian heritage through Peruvian cuisine. My goal is to be the first Peruvian chef to go mainstream in the U.S. and have my own cooking show.