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Peter Ochoa

San Francisco, CA


“Food inspires me every day,” says Chef Peter Ochoa who has had a lifelong passion for cooking. Raised in a large blended Hispanic and Hawaiian family, Ochoa’s love for the culinary arts was born early and humbly in his grandmothers’ kitchens. In those kitchens, Ochoa says, “I realized cooking for one another, family and friends, is really an expression of love.” He believes that there is an imprint that a meal can have on a person that can last a lifetime and it is his responsibility to make every dish that he creates a memorable one.

Educated first at the California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles, then the prestigious California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, Ochoa complemented the skills he had learned growing up with formal training. After graduating, Ochoa went on to further hone his craft working at such world-renowned restaurants as One Market and BlowFish Sushi, both in San Francisco.

In 2010, Ochoa moved to San Diego where he landed his first Executive Chef positions for restaurants including Toscana Wine Bar, and Cohn Restaurant Group’s Analog and Sea180 Coastal Tavern restaurants. It was during this time that Ochoa also traveled the world for added international culinary inspiration with stops in France, Italy, Thailand, Fiji and China..
Returning to San Francisco in 2016, Ochoa’s newest endeavor is as Executive Chef at Hotel Fusion’s new Taste on Ellis restaurant, where he is creating an exciting new menu prepared with locally sourced organic produce and ingredients and featuring some hard-to-find specialty sustainable seafood from the Pacific Rim. Chef Ochoa promises a new taste profile inspired by his Hawaiian and Hispanic heritage combined with his California culinary experience and resources. “Think Kahlua Pork Sopes and Kampachi Crudo,” says Chef Ochoa.