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Peter TrettlNEW MAKER!
Los Angeles, CA


My name is Peter, and I am the Executive Chef at Zest & Relish pop-up and private catering service.

We bring the Zest and Relish vision to your venue. Together, we co-create a unique experience with our flavor play and friendly staff.
From special gatherings to intimate settings, our gourmet food and cocktail service add a high-end, special touch.

Our Twilight Suppers invite you to join Zest and Relish for a one-of-a-kind prix fixe menu.
We bring together people from all backgrounds to come share in a sense of community, to laugh, party, and indulge in some hedonism.

Our cuisine is a cultural mix, and experimentation is constantly taking place. Some of our favorites include: Latin American, East Asian, and Classic European