Chicken In The Rough - The Osbornes

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cajun/creole, soul food
In 1936 Bev & Rubye Osborne packed up their truck & left the dust bowl for CA. They had a bucket of fried chicken, Bev hit a bump and the chicken went flying out the window!Rubye commented “Now that’s eating chicken in the rough.” Bev thought,"Let’s make fried chicken and encourage people to eat just like they do at home – with their hands – eating chicken in the rough. So back to OK and a fried chicken empire with 200+ locations was born. We will create their signature dish. Come and enjoy!

Menu detail

Hoppin' John aka Carolina Rice and Peas
Small Plate
The origin of the name Hoppin' John is rumored to come from the corruption of the Haitian Creole term for pigeon peas, Pwa Pigeon. This traditional low country dish is served all year but always on New Years' Eve for good luck. We'll make it with Heirloom Carolina Gold Rice, Sapelo Island Geechee red beans, house made pork stock and a big splash of love. If you've never had Carolina Gold Rice, you're in for a treat. Lost for nearly 150 years, a few motivated low county folks brought it back.
Mississippi Delta Hot Tamales
So good legendary blues man Robert Johnson wrote a song about them - "They're Red Hot." There are as many stories of their origin as there are recipes. Cornmeal and butter dough, pulled pork, cayenne, smoked paprika, wrapped in parchment paper and stewed (not steamed) in a seasoned broth. Optional cocktail paring by Irene from Happy Hour Agency (HHA) will take this dish over the top.
Spicy Slaw
Small Plate
Not much history to talk about this dish other than it's really good and refreshing. Our signature Phat Bird spicy slaw is a great complement to Hoppin' John and fried chicken. Cabbage/Green Onions/Fresno Peppers/Cilantro/PB Spicy Dressing
Honey Dipped Fried Chicken
The Osborne's signature dish meant to be eaten in the rough with your hands. Beverly always said we had hands before we had forks. The free range bird will be brined overnight and seasoned a few hours before the dredging. The dredge is a blend of corn starch, rice flour, and all purpose flour for a crispy skin and moist interior. We then dip it in our own spicy honey glaze (you'll get a 1/2 bird) and serve it with our house-made pickles. Optional cocktail pairing by Irene you don't want to miss!
Phat Birds' Bulleit Bourbon Beignets
Brought to New Orleans by the French Colonists, beignets are a staple in the Big Easy. They're served for breakfast with chicory coffee, as snacks or dessert. NOLA deep fries their yeast dough beignets in cottonseed oil and finishes with a big dose of powdered sugar. We proof our yeast dough overnight, deep fry them to order, dip in our very own Bulleit Bourbon caramel sauce and finish with a sprinkle of Bitterman Fleur de Sel. Irene's offering an amazing HHA dessert cocktail option. Cheers!


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Chicken In The Rough - The Osbornes

In-PersonEast LA, Los Angeles
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