Oakland, CA


Vegan chef with my own catering business, Sound and Savor (formerly In the Mood for Food). We host cooking classes and dinner/concerts with world renowned musicians, regularly. About to release my second cookbook, 'Vegan Underground'

Hannah Kaminsky described the dinner/concert series very well, here:
Far from the revered fine dining palaces of San Francisco, where hype and hyperbole are the most popular items on offer, an ordinary studio in the heart of Oakland plays host to an distinctly different, refreshingly sincere, and entirely immersive eating experience. Don’t call it a secret supper club or a pop-up restaurant, because this twice-monthly meeting of food and music has been making headlines for years, and it’s not about to disappear anytime soon. Born from the recklessly creative mind of chef Philip Gelb, this musician with a passion for cooking set up shop in pursuit of unifying these two pursuits. Each dinner comes not only with a carefully crafted menu of edible delights, but a unique musical performance selected to complement the meal, satiating the voracious audiophile as well. Sound & Savor is an on-going dinner series offering hands-on culinary classes and private catering in addition to these unforgettable evening events.

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Well, this is new (to me) and i am not sure how it works. Are people able to respond and interact? How do i see who is subscribed? Meanwhile, there is a bagel class on Sunday at noon, this week