Monthly Ramen Menu: Yuzu Shio Ramen (Vegan)

West Oakland, Oakland


Available for purchase
Small (4-10 Guests)
vegetarian, japanese, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
This month's ramen bowl is very lite. A simple stock made from seaweed, mushrooms and fresh yuzu, flavored with only yuzu and salt. Yuzu, if you are not familiar, is a Japanese lime and one of the most amazing flavors and aromas on the planet! Highly prized in Japan for culinary and cosmetic uses, this menu will feature yuzu in all three courses

Menu detail

Homemade Tofu Salad with yuzu dressing
Small Plate
handmade tofu with seaweed and greens with a yuzu dressing
Yuzu Shio Ramen
Handmade ramen noodles in yuzu broth with stir fried shiitake, fresh bamboo and chop sum. Simple, elegant.... Several sides on the table: Smoked tofu Stewed pumpkin Daikon pickles and more
Ice Cream Cones
We have been developing cashew based ice creams for a decade and tonight's flavors will include: Chocolate Yuzu ice cream Matcha Yuzu ice cream in handmade waffle cones.

Monthly Ramen Menu: Yuzu Shio Ramen (Vegan)

West Oakland, Oakland
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