Jie Ma Dinner/concert (Vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland


Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
Vegan, Vegetarian
The pi'pa is a very ancient 4 string plucked instrument from China. My old friend and former duet partner, Jie Ma was born into this instrument, literally. She comes from a long matrilineal lineage of pi'pa masters and she started learning from her mother at age 4. She will present a concert of traditional and modern music for this beautiful instrument. A Chinese menu accompanies the evening!

Menu detail

Hot and Sour Soup
A personal fave dish! A tangy, spicy thick broth filled with tofu, wood ear mushrooms, broccoli stems and more.
Cold Skin Noodles
Small Plate
Mung bean noodles, herbs, gluten, sprouts, green onions with sesame sauce!
Pi'pa tofu
This dish was named after the instrument as the tofu balls are shaped like the instrument, steamed and then fried and then tossed with a gingery sauce. Rice, Stir fried winter melon, Stir fried bamboo and many other dishes will accompany
Ice Cream Cones
Black Sesame ice cream and Ginger Ice cream (2 of our popular cashew based ice creams) will be the flavor's served in homemade waffle cones

Jie Ma Dinner/concert (Vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland
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