Family Style Sichuan (Vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland


Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
vegetarian, vegan, chinese
Vegan, Vegetarian
This is the very last menu I am offering. After 13 years, at the end of this month, we are stopping offering these underground restaurant events. One communal table and lots of platters passed around.

Menu detail

Liangbin Tofu
Cold silken tofu with spicy sauce
Bean Curd with Tomatoes
Fried tofu with stir fried tomatoes and green onion and jalapeño
Steamed eggplant with sesame sauce
Small Plate
Eggplants steamed in a tangy sesame sauce
cold homemade noodles with sesame sauce
Small Plate
handmade ramen noodles served cold with a spicy sesame sauce
Dry Fried Green Beans
Small Plate
a classic summer time dish; green beans stir fried with garlic, ginger, black beans and shaoshing
Spicy cucumber pickles
Small Plate
Tangy spicy garlicky cucumbers; a summertime treat
Garlicky greens
Small Plate
Ong Choy stir fried with tons of garlic and fermented bean curd
Sweet Pickled Radish
Small Plate
Daikon pickled with black vinegar and soy sauce
Small Plate
Of course one needs rice for all these amazing sauces
Ice Cream Cones
Homemade waffle cones with blueberry ice cream and strawberry banana ice cream
More TBA
Small Plate
and more to be added to the menu

Family Style Sichuan (Vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)