Chanukah family style feast

West Oakland, Oakland



Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
jewish, vegetarian, vegan
Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian
Come join us for a celebration of Chanukah with traditional and not so traditional dishes for the Jewish festival of lights! One communal table, so come by yourself or with a friend and make some new friends. Yuzu is all over the menu, despite the fact that none of my Eastern European ancestors ever saw a yuzu tree or fruit! Since many are asking, anyone is welcome. Well, fascists are never welcome at any event i host, but all others are of course welcome to join in on this Jewish holiday feast.

Menu detail

Latkes and yuzu applesauce
One must have potato latkes on this holiday and these will be served straight out of the fryer with my famous yuzu applesauce.
Beet-citrus salad
Small Plate
Roasted beets, satsuma, tangerines, salad greens, pickled red onions and a yuzu poppyseed dressing
Jackfruit brisket
Brisket made from jackfruit? I hate the idea of "fake meat" but not sure what else to call this awesome dish i have developed, inspired by my mom's and other relative's brisket from my childhood.
A personal fave dish. Collard leaves, stuffed with mushroom-bean-herb balls, baked in tomato sauce
homemade rye bread
Some rye bread, fresh from the oven!
homemade pickles
Small Plate
some homemade pickles are a must for any Jewish holiday!
Small Plate
roasted garlic hummus
lentil pate
Small Plate
smoked lentil pate
Ruggelach are a family heirloom! I have veganized the recipe over the years and this one will be stuffed with yuzu marmalade and allspice toasted walnuts, making it a Jewish-Japanese-Jamaican version of this eastern european pastry. Hannah Kaminsky, the awesome pastry chef, photographer, blogger and cookbook writer will be assisting me with these.
Chocolate yuzu ice cream
cashew based chocolate yuzu ice cream to dip your ruggelach into?

Chanukah family style feast

Oakland, California

(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)