Masumoto Peaches and Marin Kombucha (vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland


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Medium (10-15 Guests)
vegetarian, vegan
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Another menu featuring the amazing peaches from our friends, the Masumoto Family farm. For years we have done these peach menus creating a variety of savory and sweet dishes from this legenday 4th generation Japanese American farm in the valley. And for this evening a special treat as we are pouring Marin Kombucha. Gerit Williams, brewer and co-owner of Marin Kombucha will be in the house pouring and discussing his extraordinary kombucha. And an added treat, Gerit is also a musician and will perform a solo set on guitar. Due to dietary restrictions of our guest this menu is free of soy, wheat, onions and garlic yet full of flavor, texture and of course, the worlds greatest peaches to start with.

Menu detail

Small Plate
How simple can it be? How amazing can a peach be? If you have not tried peaches from this farm, you are in for a serious treat. Perhaps you have read one of Mas' many books or seen videos about the farm or heard him or Nikiko on the radio? Well, the hype is real and one bite will prove it. peach slices will be offered to people as they enter
kombucha bar
Through the evening, 4 varieties of kombucha will be available from Marin Kombucha. Brewer and owner, Gerit Williams will be in house discussing his methods, his business and sharing some of his very flavorful brews with you. 4 varieties: Original Oak, Apple Juniper, Pinot Sage and Ginger Lemongrass
blackeyed pea fritters with peach chutney and peach kuchela
If you know me, you know of my love of the food (and music and people!) of Jamaica and Trinidad and these flavors are abound in this appetizer. Fried, crispy blackeyed pea fritters served with 2 sauces made from Masumoto farm peaches. A spicy gingery chutney and my unique take on Trinidad's kuchela, usually made with unripe mangoes, spices, chili and mustard oil as i make it with unripe peaches
Roasted peach salad
Small Plate
A variation on our roasted peach salad that features roasted peaches, roasted summer veggies glazed with peach miso dressing, our own cashew herb feta cheese, and mixed greens
Lentil loaf with peach sauce
a lentil patty with a spicy peach sauce with rice pilaf, roasted corn and pepper salad, spicy okra pickles, horseradish cucumber pickles, cornbread
Gerit - solo guitar
A solo concert by our master kombucha brewer! Gerit has crafted a truly unique sound fusion of classical, blues, flamenco, rock, jazz and eastern all merged as one. Gerit plays interesting multi-harmony solo guitar pieces and improvisational one-man band like jams using live looping technology to record in the moment with no pre-recorded tracks.
Ice cream sundaes
our renowned cashew based ice cream and this evening we will make a peach rosewater cardamom ice cream with blueberry sauce, wine braised peaches and walnut crisp

Masumoto Peaches and Marin Kombucha (vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland
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