Chanukah Night Family Style Feast

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland


Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
Vegan, Vegetarian
From darkness to light! Chanukah is a very old Jewish festival commemorating the fall and destruction of the temple by the Greeks. Like many Jewish holidays, the theme is basically, "They tried to kill all of us, a few survived, let's eat". And eat we shall! Latkes, the traditional potato pancake will be featured as well as many other Eastern European delights. We will light the menorah and then many dishes will be passed around the communal table, family style. Bring some friends and make some new friends!

Menu detail

Latkes with yuzu applesauce
Small Plate
Chanukah for Ashkenazi Jews is equated with the frying of latkes, the traditional pancake. And who does not love a fried potato dish of any kind?! Served with a yuzu applesauce for some Japanese-Jewish fusion
Beet-cashew cheese Salad
Small Plate
Roasted beets, salad greens, citrus pickled red onions and homemade cashew cheese balls.
Jackfruit Brisket
Jackfruit will be stewed in a way that my grandma stewed a part of a dead cow; with carrots, celery and potatoes.
Cauliflower Kugel
Small Plate
A personal fave dish! Kugel is yiddish for a baked pudding, and this one is made with cauliflower, leeks and lots of dill. Always gets rave reviews from any cauliflower lover!
Brusel Sprouts with garlic
Small Plate
A wonderful winter dish; brussel sprouts simply roasted with garlic and pine nuts and then drizzled with yuzu zest and juice
Garlic dill cucumber pickles
Small Plate
House made pickles are always part of my feasts
Corn-wheat bread
Small Plate
Some homemade bread made with corn and freshly ground wheat.
Tofu with mushroom sauce
Tofu will be crusted with cornmeal and spices and served with a savory mushroom sauce.
Stewed chickpeas
Chickpeas stewed with tahini
Kascha Varnischkes
Small Plate
Buckwheat pilaf with carrots, celery, parsley and bowtie pasta
Ruggelach: In my family, ruggelach is taken VERY seriously. My Aunt Rose made THE best ruggelach in the universe till my sister Barbie took over, gave them more filling and created THE best ruggelach in the universe. I have since veganized the recipe. Ruggelach are a rolled cookie, filled with nuts, dried fruit and jam. Carrot oat cookies

Chanukah Night Family Style Feast

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland
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