Cantonese Family Style Feast (vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland


Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
vegan, chinese
Come join the communal table for a family style feast of Cantonese vegan dishes. Everything made in house!

Menu detail

Corn soup
corn, peas and mushrooms in savory broth
Spring rolls
Cabbage, bean thread, mushrooms and snow peas, wrapped in pasta and deep fried to a crisp and served with spicy mustard
Tofu with tomatoes
Tofu, deep fried to a crisp and then stir fried with onions and tomatoes
Steamed tofu with ginger
Silky tofu steamed with ginger sauce
5 spice seitan
homemade seitan wth 5 spice sauce
Gai lan with mushroom sauce
Small Plate
Gai lan (Chinese brocolli) steamed and topped with mushroom sauce
Noodles with Scallion ginger sauce
Small Plate
handmade noodles, rolled out in front of you and served with a scallion ginger sauce
okra salad
Okra, blanched with a black vinegar dressing
cucumber salad
Small Plate
cucumbers tossed with black vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil
cold infused jasmine tea
cold brewed tea will flow through the night
dry fried green beans
Small Plate
a wonderful summer time dish, green beans are stir fried with pickled radish, garlic and ginger
almond cookies
almond cookies to finish up our feast
Eggplant with garlic sauce
Small Plate
a delightful savory way to prepare eggplant! Eggplant is first steamed and then stir fried in a savory sauce that is sweet, sour and salty

Cantonese Family Style Feast (vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)