Bagel Baking class

In-Person West Oakland, Oakland


This is an alcohol-free event
Small (4-10 Guests)
jewish, vegetarian, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
My Brooklyn Jewish roots show, sometimes. The bagel is one of the worlds greatest breads and one that is not usually easy to find done well outside of New York and Montreal! Learn how to make your own amazing bagels and some spreads in this popular class. Hands on, so you will be kneading, rolling, shaping, boiling, topping, baking and then eating fresh bagels. Nothing like a hot bagel out of the oven, schmeared and topped and eaten while still steaming warm!

Menu detail

Small Plate
One of Eastern European Jews great contributions to global cusine, the bagel! A unique, boiled and baked bread.
Beet Nut Pate
Small Plate
A bagel does like to be eaten alone. Good spreads are needed! This is one of my signature spreads, from my first cookbook. Simple to prepare! The amazing color and texture will blow your taste buds away.
Cashew Cream Cheese *cultured*
Small Plate
Cashew cheeses are all the rage in recent years, partly in thanks to the publication of the book, "The Art of Vegan Cheese" by my friend Miyoko Schinner. Some are very easy to make, such as this simple but flavorful creation.
Cashew Cream Cheese *uncultured*
Small Plate
A quick and easy to make cashew cream cheese that does not take time to culture. Also quite good but not as complex or interesting as the cultured one.

Bagel Baking class

In-Person West Oakland, Oakland
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