Winter Caribbean Flavors (vegan)

In-Person West Oakland, Oakland


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Small (4-10 Guests)
vegetarian, caribbean, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
The last menu of the year that i will offer. Its been a bizarre year to say the least. Those of us who are soccer fans, knew something was very odd when Leicester City won the premier league in the spring. The fascists are taking over (my grandparents migrated here to escape this sh*t!). We continue to fight this battle with amazing food from locally sourced, non corporate sources! Eat to change. Eat to live. Eat to love! The spicy flavors of Trinidad and Jamaica in the house for this one!

Menu detail

Aloo pie
Aloo pie, a Trinidad street food, spiced potatoes with herbs, packed into pastry, deep fried and served with tamarind sauce.
Dal with mustard greens
Small Plate
The classic flavors of Jamaica: fresh thyme, allspice (native to the island!) and chili peppers with toovar dal and mustard greens in a ginger pumpkin stock. Warm up for the winter as these Indian, African and indigenous to the Caribbean flavors meld.
Fritters, Turned Cornmeal and more
Black eyed pea fritters, a Caribbean version of falafel. Turned Cornmeal, Jamaica's version of polenta, cornmeal stewed with coconut milk and spices. Spiced, stewed pulled jackfruit. Calaloo, a house specialty; greens and taro stewed with coconut milk and spices. pickled carrots
Ice cream sundaes
Homemade waffle cone bowls with 2 kinds of our hand crafted cashew based ice creams. Chocolate Almond Pumpkin rum spiced bananas maple nuts chocolate sauce

Winter Caribbean Flavors (vegan)

In-Person West Oakland, Oakland
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