Chinese Style Family Feast (vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland


Available for purchase
Small (4-10 Guests)
vegetarian, chinese, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
Our family style feasts have been a lot of fun. Watching happy faces pass platters and help each other serve is a joy to behold. Huge amounts of food (about 10 dishes) make the rounds. Leftovers taken home by the guests! Sichuan and Cantonese flavors abound!

Menu detail

Salt and Pepper Tofu
Crispy tofu stir fried with chili, garlic, peppercorns, and 5 spice
Ma Po Tofu
one of my signature dishes: soft tofu simmered in a very spicy broth
cold homemade ramen with sesame sauce
Homemade noodles served cold with a spicy sesame sauce
Singapire rice noodle
Fresh rice noodles, made in Chinatown will be stir fried with curry powder and greens and onions.
asparagus with black bean sauce
Small Plate
Spring is here so asparagus is on the menu!
Small Plate
got to have some rice with these dishes
eggplant with garlic sauce
Small Plate
stir fried eggplant with a savory garlic sauce
nunbing spicy cucumber pickles
Small Plate
cucumbers with sichuan chili oil!
Ah choy with garlic
Small Plate
Chinese watercress (ah choy) stir fried with garlic galore
ice cream cones
our homemade ice cream cones with 2 kinds of our homemade cashew based ice creams: black sesame chocolate cherry
High mountain Taiwanese oolong will be served
Cold mung bean noodle salad
Cold, wide cut mung bean noodles will be served with cucumbers, peanuts, scallions and a dressing made from chili oil, peppercorn oil, black vinegar and more. Wonderful hot weather sichuan dish!

Chinese Style Family Feast (vegan)

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland
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