Masumoto Peach menu #1

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland


Available for purchase
Small (4-10 Guests)
vegetarian, soul food, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
Every year we celebrate the incredible harvest of our friends at the Masumoto Family Farm, one of the leaders in organic agriculture. They produce the finest peaches and nectarines to be tasted. So each year we produce a series of menus using their incredible fruit in every dish. This evening we are featuring the first heirloom from the farm, the Spring Lady Peach This nights event is family style. Platters passed around one communal table. Come with friends and come make friends.

Menu detail

Small Plate
The simplest dish i ever serve, a raw, unadorned, unsliced peach. Cannot make anything better than what comes off the tree.
Peach, bread, mustard, chutney
Small Plate
raw fruit, peach chutney, peach mustard, homemade sourdough bread
Peaches and beet salad
Small Plate
Roasted beets, raw peach slices, toasted walnuts, homemade cashew cheese, arugula
Peach polenta skillet cake
Small Plate
The heavenly pairing of corn and peaches in this simple skillet cake.
Southern Fried Tempeh with Peach Barbecue sauce
We always use tempeh made by our friends at Rhizocali, a few blocks away in West Oakland. Tempeh battered in almond milk with corn and rice flour and all sorts of tasty spices, fried to golden crisp. Served with peach barbecue sauce
okra corn and tomatoes
Small Plate
Ok, this dish does not have peaches but it fits the southern theme for a delightful "side" dish.
Peach ice cream
We hand craft ice creams from cashews and sweeten them with maple syrup. This one is flavored with a bit of vanilla and A LOT of peaches.
Peach cobbler
A classic that is always something to look forward to, every summer. And using these peaches.....

Masumoto Peach menu #1

In-PersonWest Oakland, Oakland
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