Flavors of Vietnam (Vegan)

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


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Vegan, Vegetarian
I share with you my vegan recreations of some of my favorite dishes from all across Vietnam. The meal begins with a jasmine lotus tea and fresh spring rolls with two house made sauces. Next, we present our Shaking Leaf, a meatless alternative to Shaking Beef, served with a sweet coconut rice. Our main course is a southern Vietnamese style curry with taro and other fresh vegetables, alongside slices of French baguette. The dinner is rounded off with ché, a fun and refreshing Vietnamese dessert.

Menu detail

Jasmine Lotus Tea Blend
Our special blend of Jasmine and Lotus loose leaf teas. Served communally to encourage friendly conversation
Gỏi Cuốn
Spring Rolls Freshly hand rolled with leaf lettuce, mint, cilantro, basil, vermicelli and fried tofu served with two house made sauces: Vegan Peanut Sauce Sweet Garlic Red Chili Sauce
Lúc Lắc Chay
Small Plate
Shaking Leaf Our meatless alternative to Shaking Beef. Fresh veggies sautéed with our special vegan Shaking sauce, making a traditionally meat-centric dish finally available to everyone.
Cơm Dừa
Small Plate
Coconut Rice Jasmine rice cooked with creamy coconut milk, topped with fried onions.
Khoai Môn Cà Ri
Taro Curry This hearty yellow curry, originating from Southern Vietnam, has a coconut milk and lemongrass base with taro and other fresh veggies, infused with Vietnam's local herbs and spices like basil, green onion, cilantro and annatto seed extract.
French Baguette
Small Plate
Freshly baked French baguettes, sliced and served for dipping. Ask us about French influence in Vietnamese cuisine!
Chè Trái Cây
This is a simple, yet refreshing, dessert my mother made for me, and her mother for her, when growing up. It consists of coconut juice, basil seed drink, grass jelly, logan, rambutan, jackfruit, and other tropical fruits imported from Asia for a refreshing end to the evening.

Flavors of Vietnam (Vegan)

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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