5 Course Vietnamese Experience (Vegan)

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco


Pop-up space
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Banquet (20+ Guests)
vegetarian, vegan, vietnamese
Vegan, Vegetarian
Please join me this evening and enjoy five classic dishes from my home country, refined and reinvented without the use of animal products.

Menu detail

Chả Giò
2 "egg" rolls Yams wrapped with basil and green onions, fried to a crispy golden brown and served with a homemade garlic chili sauce.
Cà ri w/ French Baguette
Small Plate
Small bowl of southern Vietnamese style taro curry, served with slices of freshly baked French baguettes.
Phở Chay
Small Plate
Finally, a vegan phở that doesn't suck! No bones, just a bunch of veggies and my regional blend of spices. In central Vietnam, it's customary to use bún (vermicelli noodles) instead of the traditional phở noodles. A perfect treat for winter!
Cơm Dừa
Small Plate
Coconut Rice Jasmine rice cooked with creamy coconut milk, topped with fried onions.
Lúc Lắc Chay
Shaking Leaf Our updated plant-based alternative to Shaking Beef. Beyond Meat plant-based protein and fresh veggies sautéed with our special vegan Shaking sauce, transforming a traditionally meat-focused dish into something available for everyone.
Banana Ice "Cream" w/ Puréed Jackfruit
Blended frozen bananas infused with our homemade jackfruit purée.
Jasmine Lotus Tea Blend
Our special blend of Jasmine and Lotus loose leaf teas. Served communally to encourage friendly conversation


Vegan Thai Tea

5 Course Vietnamese Experience (Vegan)

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco
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