Flavors of Vietnam (Vegan) Tasting Menu

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Vegan, Vegetarian
Whether you're new to Vietnamese food or have been enjoying it for a while, you'll love our new Tasting Menu experience. We're packing the menu full of our vegan recreations of favorite traditional dishes and new fusion takes we can't get enough of. Sit back and enjoy as we walk you through each dish's cultural or dietary importance to us.

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Jasmine Lotus Tea Blend
Our special blend of Jasmine and Lotus loose leaf teas. Served communally to encourage friendly conversation
Chả Giò 2pc
2 No-egg rolls, wrapped in traditional spring roll rice paper with basil and green onions, deep fried to a crispy, but chewy golden brown served with a homemade garlic chili sauce.
Khoai Môn Cà Ri
Taro Curry This hearty yellow curry, originating from Southern Vietnam, has a coconut milk and lemongrass base with taro and other fresh veggies, infused with Vietnam's local herbs and spices like basil, green onion, cilantro and annatto seed extract.
French Baguette
Small Plate
Freshly baked French baguettes, sliced and served for dipping into the curry. Ask us about French influence in Vietnamese cuisine!
Gỏi Cuốn
Spring Rolls Freshly hand rolled with leaf lettuce, mint, cilantro, basil and vermicelli served with two house made sauces: Vegan Almond Sauce Sweet Garlic Red Chili Sauce
Fried Rice Bites
Explore two different variations of our homemade, Vietnamese fried rice. Which flavor will you like better?
Dau Hu Chien Xa Ot
Small Plate
Lemongrass Fried Tofu Have you been unsatisfied with your tofu options lately? Our panko-encrusted tofu will restore your faith in the soybean! Served with our housemade lemongrass sauce to send your tastebuds to flavortown.
Chè Trái Cây
This is a simple, yet refreshing, dessert my mother made for me, and her mother for her, when growing up. It consists of coconut juice, basil seed drink, grass jelly, logan, rambutan, jackfruit, and other tropical fruits imported from Asia for a refreshing end to the evening.
Phở Chay
Our signature, vegan phở with vermicelli noodles to accentuate the soup's flavor. No bones in this broth! - healthy flavor assistance provided by apples, mushrooms, daikon, onions and traditional Vietnamese spices.
Glazed Pear with Banana "N"ice Cream
A beautiful glazed pear topped with homemade banana "n"ice cream, walnuts and cinamon


Thai Tea

Flavors of Vietnam (Vegan) Tasting Menu

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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