Pho De Nguyen Special Tasting Menu

In-PersonDowntownSan Bruno, San Bruno


Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
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This is my first pop up in my new restaurant which I will be showcasing some of our items along with curating some of the fan favorites. This dinner will give you a true taste of Vietnam. Do not miss out!

Menu detail

Lobster Spring Rolls 2Pcs
Chicken and Pork Eggrolls
A traditional crunchy deep fried eggroll includes carrots, mushrooms, taro, chicken and pork marinated to perfection. A sweet and spicy sauce will be served on the side dip to taste
Crab Garlic Noodles
Small Plate
Garlic , butter, basil and tossed on a wok. Topped with crab with a refreshing sauce to balance all the flavors.
Sticky Wings
Sticky and Savory wings cooked with garlic, butter, herbs and our special homemade sauce. Our #1 appetizer here at Pho De Nguyen
Chè Trái Cây
This is a simple, yet refreshing, dessert my mother made for me, and her mother for her, when growing up. It consists of coconut juice, basil seed drink, grass jelly, logan, rambutan, jackfruit, and other tropical fruits imported from Asia for a refreshing end to the evening.
Oxtail Curry
Small Plate
This hearty yellow curry, originating from Southern Vietnam, has a coconut milk and lemongrass base with taro and other fresh veggies, infused with Vietnam's local herbs and spices like basil, green onion, cilantro and annatto seed extract.


Thai Tea
Vietnamese Ice Coffee
Red or White Wine

Pho De Nguyen Special Tasting Menu

In-PersonDowntownSan Bruno, San Bruno
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