Pinoy Heritage: 8 course spring tasting menu

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco


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We have just came back cooking in the James Beard House in New York and we are pumped!!! Inspired by Spring, we have curated a menu to truly represent the celebration of our culture and cuisine.

Menu detail

Champorado Tart | roasted beets, quesong puti, satsuma, tinapa sarsa
A play on a popular breakfast dish of chocolate rice porridge, we made a tart shell of puffed rice and Philippine unsweetened chocolate. it is topped with our homemade cheese, roasted beets and Tinapa sarsa (smoked fish -herb sauce).
Dungeness Crab Arroz Caldo | green garlic, crab dashi, quail egg
Small Plate
One of the best comfort food. Rice porridge is mixed with tender green garlic topped with quail egg, Dungeness Crab and a clear broth.
Yellow Curry Pancit | asparagus, english peas, palapa maguindanao
Small Plate
A true celebration of Spring. Asparagus, peas and fresh curry is mixed with our handmade noodles. It is topped with Palapa Maguindanao - a condiment of toasted coconut with aromatic herbs to compliment the dish.
Pork Belly Humba | market greens, bamboo shoots, pickled mustard seeds
Small Plate
Humba is a dish popular in Visayas and some parts of Mindanao. It is pork belly that is cooked adobo style with aromatic spices such as star anise and dried mandarin orange peels. This will be served with Greens that will be available from our favorite vegetable Farmer - Thai Yang
Inihaw na Kuneho | trio of rabbit, heirloom carrots, seeds
Small Plate
Bbq skewers are an essential part of Filipino cuisine. here we showcase the legs marinated in a traditional soy and vinegar marinade. the loins are spiraled with shiso, and the rest is made into a longganisa skewer with a cane vinegar dip with quail egg. we also picked up heirloom carrots from the market and roasted it then coated with seeds for extra texture and flavor. Using the hands are a must in this dish.
Mango Sago
A palette cleanser of Mango Tapioca Pudding
Strawberry Tinagtag | banana cremeux, tsokolate batirol
Tinagtag is a rice fritter from Maguindanao. We recently created this dish for the Regional Filipino Celebration dinner at the James Beard House. Quite excited about this one.
Finishing the dinner with Coconut glutinous rice mochi coated in toasted rice flour.

Pinoy Heritage: 8 course spring tasting menu

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco
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