5 course Filipino Brunch "Umagahan"

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Banquet (20+ Guests)
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Rise and Shine with our farm to table Filipino Brunch. We are quite excited to start our first series of brunch. As an introduction, we are giving away a cup of coffee or mimosa to compliment your meal!!! :) Come and join us!!! We are so excited to cook for you. Mabuhay, Team PH

Menu detail

Avocado Toast | Mango, Tinapa Sarsa, Crispy Garlic
Small Plate
A toast with a little more love. Seeded bread topped with fresh mangoes, crispy garlic, smoked fish tinapa sarsa that is made with mint, cilantro and other fresh herbs.
Mimosa vs. Coffee
We are offering a complimentary cup/ glass of coffee or mimosa to start your meal.
Fresh Buckwheat Lumpia | Dungeness Crab Sauce, Asparagus, Peas, Peanuts
Small Plate
Buckwheat crepe filled with farmer's market Asparagus, spring peas, Dungeness crab sauce and Szechuan roasted peanuts
Longganisa Sausage Sopas |Stuffed Noodles, Chicken Veloute, Fennel
Small Plate
Sopas is a Filipino version of everybody's comfort food - Chicken noodle soup. We made our own noodles, stuffed it with our home made Filipino sausage, then added some fennel, heirloom carrots and finished chicken veloute ( a rich flavorful broth)
Beef steak Silog | Seared Egg, Crispy rice, fried onion
Pan seared rice cake topped with thinly sliced marbled beef that is marinated in soy sauce and calamansi, crispy fried onion and seared egg. This is definitely one of our favorites.
Calamansi Coffee Cake
We get our calamansi from Chef Francis grandma's backyard. Made into a citrus jam, we fold this marmalade into our coffee cake and baked. It gives the pastry a bittersweet and aromatic flavor.

5 course Filipino Brunch "Umagahan"

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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