8 Course Fall Menu: Family Style

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Banquet (20+ Guests)
filipino, californian
Fall is here and we are very excited to use all the amazing ingredients it has to offer. Enjoy an eight course family style menu, with appetizers and welcome drinks.

Menu detail

Welcome Drink
a choice of beer, wine or cocktail
Tuna Kinilaw | Taro Chip, Ginger, Nikita Pear
A Filipino version of ceviche, the tuna is dressed in coconut milk, calamansi and cane vingar. Asian pear is added for extra freshness. Served over taro chips.
Crispy Empanada | Kabocha Squash, Pinakurat Vinegar
A gluten free empanada is filled with mashed kabocha squash and fried to create an ultimate crispy shell and topped with pinakurat vinegar.
Baby Kale Salad | K&J Orchard Pears, Calamansi Dressing
Small Plate
Heirloom organic farms' baby kale is tossed with calamansi honey mustard dressing with crispy fried sourdough, compressed pears and shaved radishes
Turkey Sopas | Hand Made Pasta, Turkey Veloute, Mirepoix
Small Plate
Hand made pasta, carrots and celery float in rich veloute that is made from roasted turkey stock.
Dry Aged Ribeye | Preserve Calamansi, Alliums
30 day dry aged ribeye served with our soy - calamansi sauce, buttery mashed potato and different textures of leeks and onion from the farmer's market. The ultimate steak and potatoes.
Seafood Pancit | Hand Made Noodles, Shrimp, Mussels, Alavar Sauce
An array of seafood is tossed in a creamy coconut milk sauce made with shrimp butter and light curry. It is served with our hand made noodles. Think pasta but better.
Flounder Escabeche | Sweet and Sour, Cherry Tomato
Tender local white fish is twice fried in rice flour and it is glazed with a sweet and sour blend of peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes. This is an explosion for your taste buds, crunchy, salty, sweet and sour.
Charred Market Vegetable | Patis Mansi, Peanuts
Farmer's market veggies charred and dressed with a fish sauce and calamansi mixture garnished with roasted peanuts
Biko Rice Cake | Caramelized Apple
A glutinous rice cake cooked with coconut milk and brown sugar, topped with K&J orchard caramelized apple.
Lychee Profiterole
A crispy cookie is topped on a cream puff and filled with lychee for a refreshing bite

8 Course Fall Menu: Family Style

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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