KKR SF Public Investment Team Dinner 2018

Dogpatch, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
filipino, californian
Celebrating great people with great food

Menu detail

Halaan Custard | Manila Clams, Sotanghon, Turnips
Small Plate
Traditionally a soup dish, We transformed the Clam broth into a light and silky custard. A start that'll warm you right up for dinner.
Sinuglaw | Tombo Tuna, Smoked Pork Gelee, K&J Pears
Small Plate
Inspired by our recent travel back to the Philippines, this dish is a mixture of kinilaw ( ceviche) and sinugba (grilled pork). We took the meat element and tranformed it into a gelee. It is served with K&J pears and fermented black beans
Ginataang Kalabasa Tart | Pickled Beans, Kale chips
Small Plate
A classic dish of stewed squash with coconut milk gets souped up with the added texture of a flaky tart shell and extra the extra funky Alamang ( baby shrimp)
Guinea Hen | Atchara, Java Sauce, Fried Rice
There is no trip to Manila unless you have experienced the old school restaurant of Aristocrat. We have recreated the BBQ chicken using one of our favorite poultries - the guinea hen. It is served with Java sauce and Atchara pickles
Corned Beef | Pandesal, Beef Cheeks, Uni
The ultimate breakfast Corned beef and pandesal. We took beef cheeks and brined it for 8 days. It is then braised until super tender. Served alongside is home made pandesal and Robuchon potatoes.
Lychee| Buko Lychee Sherbert
As a paletted cleanser, coconut lychee sherbert will be served in a choux au craquelin
Kamote-cue | Bilo Bilo, Yuzu, Ube, Coconut Milk
A popular afternoon snack, this sweet potato dish is grilled instead of fried and along with bilo bilo ( Filipino Mochi). It is served with ube ice cream and coconut espuma.
Pastillas de kalabasa
A delicious ending with these milk candies flavored with squash


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KKR SF Public Investment Team Dinner 2018

Dogpatch, San Francisco
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