Kamayan: Chinese New Year Edition

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
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Being of Tsinoy (Filipino Chinese) decent, We are celebrating the Chinese New Year with dishes inspired by our upbringing. The word "kamayan" derives from the word "kamay," meaning “hand.” It is a celebration with the whole family — or even the whole village — getting together to share a meal using their hands. It is a communal meal where a spread of rice and different "ulam" are presented on banana leaves. The different main dishes showcase the freshest of the region where the meal is prepared. PINOY HERITAGE believes there’s no better way to build community than to eat together, with no reservations!

Menu detail

Cocktails by Garret of PACIFIC COCKTAIL HAVEN
Enjoy a choice between a special house cocktail or virgin cocktail. Go "chika-chika" (chat) with the folks around and meet new people.
Kuchay Ah ( garlic chive empanada)
An empanada made with minced pork, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and garlic chive
Fresh Lumpia
A tradition we always eat during the new year. The lumpia is made with vegetables and garnished with herbs, seaweed and peanuts.
Machang ( Sticky Rice stuffed in bamboo leaves)
Isticky rice is cooked with adobo and chestnuts. Braised in bamboo leaves
Mah khut teng (Pork bone broth )
Small Plate
A great pairing with Lumpia, pork neckbones are braised to create a clean broth to warm up.
Kikiam (pork wrapped in tofu skin)
Whole pork loin is wrapped with seasoned minced pork, tofu skin and seared
Chasio Ribs ( pork bbq/ charsiu)
pork ribs is marinated in star anise, 5 spice and cinammon. Smoked for hours to recreate the flavors of the classic charsiu
Tau yu kwei ( soy sauce chicken)
Chicken is poached in a dark soy mixture and fried perfect with hotsauce!
Cha Mi ( Pancit Canton)
The origin of pancit canton.
Double fried sole
Sole is fried twice for that extra crisp. The fins are a must!
Farmer's market specials
Dependent on what we find in the farmer's market, Here are a few items: Wok fried Pea shoots Eggplant with tofu and black beans Seared bokchoy Pickles K & J asian pears Steamed California rice Charred cabbage wedge
Chon wan yi ( stuffed mochi in ginger syrup)
Glutinous rice balls stuffed with peanuts cooked in ginger syrup
Fried Tikoy with ube ( Mochi and ube fried turon)
crispy turon with tikoy and ube

Kamayan: Chinese New Year Edition

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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