Journey around the Philippine Islands

In-Person Mission, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
A 6 course tasting menu inspired by our food expeditiion this past year in the Philippines. A country that makes up 7107 islands is quite diverse. Let us take you to a journey around the Philippines. To get a glimpse of our travels, check out #pinoyheritage and #pinoyheritageexpedition in Instagram

Menu detail

Dampa trio
Small Plate
Charred octopus | poqui-poqui (eggplant with salted duck egg) Tinapa Brandade | seaweed cracker, herb condiment (smoked mackerel with potato) Silverfish Okoy | kabocha squash fritters, vinegar gel -This course is inspired by the northern region of the Philippines particularly Ilocos
Small Plate
Delicate chicken broth cooked in coconut water, chicken mousseline, chayote - Inspired by our travels to the beautiful Island of Palawan
Pancit Alavar
Small Plate
House made Pancit, Dungeness Crab, Buddha's hand, Alavar Sauce - Hailing al the way from the south of the Philippines, Zamboanga is famous for this sauce that consists of coconut milk and spices.
Pork Igado
Pork shoulder press, Foie Gras Sauce, Heirloom Carrots, Cranberry beans - Also know as Higado, Translating directly from spanish, this dish is sliced liver with pork cooked in tomato, soy sauce and vinegar. We have replaced the liver with Foie Gras emulsified in the sauce. Also a popular dish from the north.
Jasmine Cremeux
oro banco, pomelo, pomelo ice, poppy seed meringue - Jasmine also known as sampaguita grew all around our backyard. The delicate scent perfumes throughout my childhood.
- Davao produces some of the best chocolates in the world

Journey around the Philippine Islands

In-Person Mission, San Francisco
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