Oaxaca De Mis Amores: Oaxacan Feast w/ Live Dance, Folklore and Tortilla Making

Foster-Powell, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
hispanic, mexican, latin american
Amalia Vasquez's food cart Tierra del Sol has introduced Portland to the rich history of Oaxacan cuisine, some of the best in Portland. From her soulful mole-laden enchiladas to the massive tlayudas, Amalia's food is the equivalent of edible hug. Amalia's "Oaxaca De Mis Amores" is an unique presentation of Oaxacan food and culture with folklore, dance performance and tortilla making--served with delicious dishes including her fantastic mole, passed down from multiple generations of her family.

Menu detail

Sopa Tortilla
Small Plate
A robust soup of tomato and onions with blue corn tortillas strips. Topped with sour cream, queso fresco and avocado. The course follows the opening performance "Flor de Pina," a vibrant dance from Oaxaca that is part of the celebration of the Guelaguetza.
Ensalada de Nopales
Small Plate
A refreshing interlude before the main event. Tender catcus with lime and onion. Served alongside fresh guacamole, blue corn chips, Oaxacan two-cheese fondue and chapulines.
Mole Tradicional, Arroz y Frijol, & Tortillas Made Tableside
Chef Amalia's lauded mole is a family staple, passed down from generation to generation. Here she serves it with chicken, rice and black beans. To complete the course fresh blue corn tortillas will be pressed table side. The course accompanies "Cumbia del Mole," a lively, flowing dance to honor the culture of Oaxaca and the mole making tradition.
Nicuatole con Fresa
A pre-Hispanic corn pudding served with a light strawberry sauce. To follow dessert a performance of "Jarabe Mixteco," a dance of love and courtship from the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, Chef Amalia's hometown.
Almond and Cantaloupe Seed Horchata
A refreshing dairy-free beverage of ground almonds and cantaloupe seeds, spiced with canela and clove. Served throughout the meal.

Oaxaca De Mis Amores: Oaxacan Feast w/ Live Dance, Folklore and Tortilla Making

Foster-Powell, Portland
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