Mathilde's Kitchen: A Haitian Feast

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Originally from St. Croix, Haiti, Mathilde Aurelian-Wilson learned to cook from living in the many cultures of the Caribbean including Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Today Mathilde operates Mathilde's Kitchen, a beloved cart offering Portland the soothing flavors and dishes of her home. Expect to be greeted with warm smiles and fresh, delicious Haitian dishes: Griots, bannann pesé, pikliz, curried goat, kongo pea and joumou soup.

Menu detail

A Duo of Soups
To open the meal, chef Mathilde will serve two soups. Kongo pea soup: a blend of lentil-like kongo peas with carrots, squash and herbs in a coconut base. In Haiti the namesake legume is harvested from trees growing in many yards. Soup Joumou: Haiti’s national soup. Roasted chicken pieces in pureed pumpkin, potato, celery, carrots and herbs. It's the dish that fueled Haiti’s freedom fighters to defeat Napoleon’s army.
Griot + Curried Goat
A food coma-inducing plate of griot--double-cooked tender seasoned chunks of pork shoulder--alongside bone-in chunks of goat marinated in Caribbean citrus, doused in a rich curry sauce. The curry has a hint of heat, so Mathilde is throwing in coconut rice and beans, fried green plantains, and pikliz, Haiti’s signature spicy pickled cabbage and carrot salad.
Flan Roselle
To complete the meal, a custardy flan drizzled with a syrup infused with spices and roselle petals, a native species of hibiscus.
Haitian Rhum Punch (Available for purchase)
Haitian Barbancourt Rhum mixed with a blend of five fruit juices. Non-alcoholic beverage: Roselle & Ginger Brew

Mathilde's Kitchen: A Haitian Feast

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)