San Francisco, CA


I am a cook, with a love and passion for all things 'sweet, spice, and everything nice'!

My earliest memories in the kitchen are with my grandparents, cooking and baking dishes that were both progressive and innovative as well as traditionally Indian.

Over the years, growing up in Singapore and India, and through my travels, I've explored, experimented and savored a variety of cuisines. But Indian cuisine remains near and dear to my heart. It spells priceless memories and an unparalleled variety of flavors. It irks me from time to time to see that Indian food is relegated to just chicken tikka masala and naan. There is so much more to the cuisine that has not been showcased on a world platform. I aspire to change that in my own little way.

I see food as the biggest leveler and sharing food, one of the greatest joys. I'd like to use Feastly as a platform to share this joy of food, and incorporate unadulterated Indian flavors on a modern plate!