Roman Holiday

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Last year I took a very special trip with my husband that started and ended in Rome. The flavors, the offal meats, the gelato--I wish I had two stomachs and double the daylight to enjoy it all! In this 5 course meal, I bring my interpretation and add spices from my Indian heritage to some of our favorite dishes that feature ricotta, oxtail, and calamari. Join me for some Roman-Indian fusion cuisine!

Menu detail

Savory zucchini masala financier
Small Plate
Let's start the meal with a small bite of rich brown butter, parmesan cheese and seasonal fresh zucchini baked together, topped with a roasted coriander and cumin tomato cream
Ricotta gnocchi with spiced pork belly guanciale
Small Plate
Ricotta and pork are regular features on any Roman menu. Here, housemade ricotta is rolled and lightly fried, accompanied by pork belly that is marinated in Indian spices of fennel, coriander and mustard seeds overnight, slow cooked and then quickly charred. Both are paired with an herbaceous cilantro parsley chutney pesto.
Tamarind pulpo with lentil salad
Pulpo (octopus) is cooked in a red wine broth for hours, then blackened and coated in a tamarind-clove-cardamom glaze. To accompany this is a refreshing lentil-celery salad with lemon-anchovy vinagrette.
Primi: Squid ink pasta with chili calamari
To enjoy all of the flavors of the ocean, housemade squid ink pasta swims in a spicy calamari broth, infused with chilies, shallots, ginger and red pepper. The dish is topped with garlic cilantro breadcrumbs and salmon roe.
Secundi: Coda alla Curry Vaccinara
Oxtail (coda) is a staple in Rome, often cooked for hours in a tomato base. Here I marinate the meat in curry and coriander overnight before browning it. The meat is slowly braised in a base of celery, tomato paste, garlic, green chilies, and pancetta, topped with roasted onions and presented with root vegetable puree and pickled daikon.
Dolci: Pistachio kulfi with blood orange olive oil cake
To echo Italian gelato, and incorporating classic Indian dessert flavors, I close the meal with a pistachio kulfi that has a hint of cardamom, paired with carmelized mangoes and a light blood orange olive oil cake.


Wine by the glass: Francicorta
Wine by the glass: Friulano (white)
Wine by the glass: Barbera (red)
Wine by the glass: Moscato d'Asti

Roman Holiday

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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