"Treat yo' self!" Cooking class with Chef PriyaG: Homemade pasta edition

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


In the midst of everything going on, let's meet for 30 minutes together and I will teach you how to make homemade pasta (yes!) with your own two hands (or make it a family project!), mushroom ragu topped with ricotta and kale chips. "Treat yo' self" to this satisfying, delish dish!

Menu detail

Homemade pici with mushroom ragu
Homemade pasta--so easy and rewarding! Let me teach you the simple steps to make pici. We will pair this with a mushroom ragu, that includes pancetta, or you can leave that out and make the dish veg. These bites are simultaneously luscious and healthy!
Homemade ricotta
Small Plate
Whole milk, cream, salt, acid and cheesecloth lining a strainer over a bowl--that is all you need to make ricotta! Once you master this you won't buy this again. Perfect compliment to the pasta we will make, and to enjoy on toast or by the spoonful!
Kale chips
Small Plate
Yes, kale chips, Simple snack you can munch on while making the other components for this dish, and a great topping for pasta, for soups, for whenever you want a crunch healthy bite! Let me show you how to make this.