Rachel Graville
San Francisco, CA


Design and culinary consultant Rachel Graville has been tinkering in kitchens since childhood, and her approach to food, décor, and hospitality all stem from the desire to create convivial places where guests feel like they are invited into her home.

Born in Washington State, Rachel’s work and studies have taken her to Mexico, Brazil, France, England, Romania, Poland and Moldova. Her seasonal, local approach to food is flavored by these diverse culinary and cultural experiences, and she is always seeking out the unexpected, in food, design, and decor.

In 2009, Rachel helped design, build, and create the menu for Iris Café, in Brooklyn Heights, NYC. After only 3 months in operation, Iris Café was named Best Café of 2010 by New York Magazine, which was soon followed by praise from The New York Times, television appearances and features in numerous blogs and magazines (see Press for more details). She created Gerald Jerky, a line of handmade, artesinal beef jerky, which captured the attention of Food & Wine magazine, as well as teaching opportunities at Murray’s Cheese and other educational kitchens in NYC.

Rachel is a consultant who helps design and execute menus for cafés, restaurants and bars and entertains projects both nationally and internationally. She is fluent in both written and spoken Spanish and has lived all over Mexico. She writes on subjects involving food and health, particularly regarding traditional diets and holistic healing through diet.