Covid Kitchen: Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies + Veg Broth Interactive Livestream

LivestreamNashville, TN


ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with chefs and bartenders, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time. Prior to your class, you will receive an email with a private link to join the livestream on YouTube during the specified day and time. Your host will message it to you so be on the lookout! --- This class will teach you how to make basic recipes without having all the ingredients. For this class I will be making egg-less chocolate chip cookies, because lets be real, how many times have you been to the store this past month and they're out of eggs? I will also be showing you all how to make a simple vegetable broth, because again, how many times have you been to the store and the only thing they have left are bouillon cubes (yuck)!

Menu detail

Egg-less Chocolate Chip Cookies
Make chocolate chip cookies when the store is out of eggs!
Vegetable Stock
How to make vegetable broth when the store is out of broth!