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Hey Guys! You can finally enjoy all of our viral recipes and some exclusive recipes all in one place! Our recipes are great for family dinners, date nights, solo dinners, group events you name it! we'll also be sharing our weekly grocery list and some exclusive goodies such as live cook alongs and 1 on 1 messaging with our super fans! Thank you guys so much!

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We're Back!

Hey Guys! We Are back! Thank you guys for all the prayers and well wishes !The hurricane was very rough we lost electricity for a couple days but, we're safe! Im working on this weeks grocery list for you guys ! It's going to be a couple random stuff on there as well since we had to empty out the freezer and fridge! I missed you guys so im coming HEAVY on the recipes this week! My Husband package folks I have so many never before seen recipes for you guys I made this week! Most of them on a Grill lol I never though I would make pancakes outside! lol <3 Posting Tomorrow's sneak peak next!


Hey guys I'm working on posting the older Tiktok recipes here! Majority of them are on YouTube already I'm going to try to see if I can upload them here so it'll be easier for you guys! The rest of the dishes that aren't on YouTube will be posted here! I've been working overtime to get those done! Im planning on having our first live cook along October 1st ! I'll announce the dish in a couple days! Im so excited to see you guys and cook together!It's going to be an amazing time! Grocery List and sneak peek for next week will be uploaded on Saturday! If you guys have any questions feel free to message! <3

Grocery list Sept 4-10