Hands-on Virtual Cocktail Class - Valentine's & Tropical Inspired Cocktails

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


CIY (Craft It Yourself) cocktails with Rebecca Pinnell, a seasoned mixologist who is passionate about sharing just how approachable cocktail crafting can be. This class is designed to guide you in crafting cocktails using ingredients & tools you likely already have at home, or can easily pick up from your local grocery and liquor store. In this 75 minute engaging class, we will be crafting 2 cocktails, making everything at the same time. In addition to learning how to craft cocktails, Rebecca will share cocktail history stories, advice on how to craft other cocktails, and songs to enjoy while crafting the cocktails. After signing up for the class, you will receive a list of tools & ingredients to gather for use at the start of class. You will also receive a zoom link for the event. Please note that the fee is per each participant joining the zoom. After class you will receive all recipes used in class, plus a few more to try out after! @RebeccasCocktailClasses

Menu detail

Pomegranate Colada
Pomegranate Colada- yummmmm-o! The colada is often times made with pineapple, and pomegranate is a perfect substitute. Pomegranate adds a beautiful color to this cocktai and slightly bitter notes, which keeps this colada from being sticky sweet. We will craft a cinnamon honey syrup together during class, to add some sweetness and spice. Bring rum, tequila, vodka, or bourbon to the party as well. This cocktail requires a blender, and can be made alcohol free.
Pineapple Green Tea French 75
A nod to the French 75, this sparkling wine cocktail will feature a salted pineapple & green tea syrup that we will make in class. This cocktail is bright, tropical and leans more acidic than sweet. I recommend Cremant style sparkling rose, which pairs swimmingly with pineapple juice, and tastes refined on its own. Bring vodka, gin, or blanco tequila to the party as well. This cocktail can be made alcohol free.