Cocktails to pair with Girl Scouts Cookies! This is a charity event!

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Let’s make some tasty cocktails that will pair wonderfully with some of our favorite Girl Scouts Cookies! For this class I’ve created an Apricot & Ginger Sour to pair with Thin Mints (can be made with strawberry) & a Lemongrass & Coconut Old Fashioned to be paired with Samoas / Caramel Delights (can be made without coconut). We will craft syrups & cocktails together! No special tools are required. Please support your local Girl Scouts! If you do not have one in mind, please support my pal & sisters daughters! Links to their cookie pages will be sent after ticket purchase. Research has shown that Girl Scout alumnae have a stronger sense of self, achieve higher levels of education, & are more likely to reach a higher socio-economic status. 75% of the funds received from ticket sales will be donated to Troop 6000 in NYC, a Girl Scouts program that is specifically designed to support girls in the NYC shelters system. Cocktails can be made alcohol free & with multiple substitutions.

Menu detail

Apricot and Ginger Sour to pair with Thin Mints
This sour style cocktail is crafted with apricot (or strawberry) infused alcohol, a ginger & tea syrup, and is made light and refreshing with the addition of fresh lemon juice and sparkling soda water. Bright and ginger spicy, this cocktail pairs well with the deeper chocolate mint flavors of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies!
Lemongrass and Coconut Old Fashioned to be paired with Samoas / Caramel Delights
This tropical weather inspired cocktail will pair perfectly with Samoas / Caramel Delights. Lemongrass paste can be found near the herbs at most grocery stores. We will craft a lemongrass brown sugar syrup to be added to your choice of an aged spirit. The old fashioned is a strong cocktail that can be made refreshing or alcohol free with the addition of lemon juice and soda water. Using coconut milk as ice cubes, this Old Fashioned will evolve from the first sip to the last.


Additional donation for Troop 6000 - 100% donated!