St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Let's have a wee bit of fun with some St. Patrick's Day themed cocktails! This class is designed to guide you in crafting cocktails using ingredients & tools you likely already have at home, or can easily pick up from your local grocery and liquor store. The goal in teaching these classes is for you to walk away with a deeper understanding of bartending techniques & how to make balanced & delicious cocktails in your home. In this 75 minute engaging class, we will be crafting 2 cocktails, making everything at the same time. In addition to learning how to craft the cocktails, Rebecca will share cocktail history stories, tips on how to make your syrups last longer, and advice on how to craft other cocktails. After signing up for the class, you will receive a list of tools & ingredients to gather for use at the start of class. You will also receive a zoom link for the event.

Menu detail

Carrot & Guinness Mule
What's up Doc? This savory spin on the Moscow Mule is sure to satisfy! In class we will craft a carrot, herb and lemon syrup to be paired with ginger beer, Guinness and your choice of Irish whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila or bourbon. Rebecca recommends Fever Tree and Q Sodas ginger beer, as they are not too sweet and offer a punch of ginger spice.
Salted Beer Sour
For this cocktail we will make a salted beer syrup, in which you can add green dye if that’ll bring you joy. You can craft the syrup with any style beer from a pilsner to a stout. The beer syrup will be added to your choice of Irish whiskey, bourbon, rye, or tequila, fresh lemon juice and an optional egg white to bring a cool frothy textured vibe. If you do not eat eggs, you can craft this cocktail without egg whites or with aquafaba, the liquid from a can of chickpeas, instead.